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Pup Squad needs your help.

September 27, 2012

If you’ve ever rescued a stray or even had a dog of your own, you certainly know- properly caring for your pet can get expensive at times!  Most of the funds Pup Squad is able to raise through generous donations and adoption fees goes toward veterinary costs- spaying, neutering, heartworm treatment, vaccinations, etc- because as I’m sure you all suspect, most of the dogs and pups who are a part of Pup Squad, don’t start off healthy.

Regular donations are so important to the well-being of the animals in our care, so Pup Squad has recently launched a completely revamped donation page on the website, as well as kicking off an email campaign to let people know about our new recurring donation option!
Here are some interesting example of how far we can stretch your donation dollars:

For $5 a month, or the cost of one coffee, we can spay or neuter one puppy to ensure a manageable future pet population.

For $20 a month, or the cost of 4 drive-thru lunches, we can put a momma dog through lifesaving heartworm treatment.

For $40 a month, or the cost of 1 mani/pedi, we can spay or neuter an entire litter of puppies, stopping the cycle that could result in another 12,000 puppies on the street.*

Pup Squad couldn’t continue helping momma dogs and their pups without donations from our generous supporters, and we’re really excited about our new $5, $20, and $40 recurring donation options. With your help, Pup Squad will be able to look forward to helping even more dogs and pups in need!

If you’re able, visit our donation page and signup for a recurring donation today!

*If left to their own devices, in 5 years one unneutered male and one unspayed female dog can begin a cycle that will create as many as 12,000 puppies.



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