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What will 2012 bring?

January 16, 2012

Well hello, 2012! Is anyone else out there just not coming out of their holiday coma? Well, we definitely are at my house. Mum and Dad were gone for a long stretch just before Christmas, and as if that was enough of a break- they left me again over New Year’s Eve! I will say that I love it when my dear friend Kristy comes to visit, so being abandoned by Mum and Dad over the holidays wasn’t all bad!

The big new so far in 2012 is that we are a foster-free house as of this past weekend! How is that possible, you ask? Well, I have no earthly clue. We had been so anxious over the holidays to see if Pup Squad’s Holiday Heroes campaign would be as successful as it was last year, and a bit disappointed when our house didn’t seem to have any luck.
Well, we’ve started off this year with a bang! Lady was adopted this past weekend, and Olive was adopted the weekend before! Both Olive and Lady seemed to be a perfect fit for their young forever families, and now we just keep our paws crossed that everything works out!
I’m sure that the first thing on your mind, is the first thing on my mind right now as well- when am I getting a new foster friend?!
Sadly, I’m not entirely sure. You see, Mum and Dad just bought a new house. They tell me that the yard is twice as big AND we’re going to get a pool! But…I’ll be honest with you, my friends, I’m just not so sure that I won’t miss this house. It was my first real home, and I have so many wonderful memories here. Playing in the mud pit (aka- backyard), running a track into the little grass that we do have between the backdoor and my doggy window in the fence (Do you have one of these? If not, it’s an absolute must!), and making a break for freedom (and the Fiesta) when the front door is left just a little too open, for a little too long. I’m sure this new house will have some good features, but I’d like to go on record as saying- I was perfectly content here.
So- all of that being said- Mum and Dad are going to be putting our house on the market soon, and they seem unsure if showing prospective buyers that 4 dogs can live very comfortably here would be a selling point or a drawback. I would think that would be something every home buyer would want to know, but Mum and Dad didn’t ask my opinion!
I’m trying to slip them hints that I’m ever so lonely without a playful foster friend- laying in their way, nibbling at their hands and feet, bringing toys everywhere I go. They don’t seem to be picking up on the subtle hints, so last night I puked on Dad’s pillow. HA! Not that I think it’ll help get me a new friend, but it did make me feel a little bit better anyhow. Can you blame me? 🙂
Well, friends- I hope that your new year is off to a fantastic start! Be sure to check back in a couple weeks, and I’ll let you know if I’ve made any progress on the foster front!
Until then!
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