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Christmas memories!

December 5, 2011

Is anyone out there as unhappy about this rainy weather as I am? I know that we ‘needed it’, but even if that’s true- I hate the rain. Maybe it’s because every time Lady, Olive and I go outside and play in our dirt pit (formerly known as ‘Dad’s Garden’), we need baths afterwards (water and dirt don’t mix well).  Maybe it’s because I don’t get to run and play as much, and I get the doldrums.  Maybe it’s because of the way it makes my tail get all kinked up and frizzy. Really, it’s because of the inevitable trouble I get in when I have an ‘accident’. I say ‘accident’, but really, we all know that there’s nothing accidental about it. People don’t have to endure the cold drizzle when they use the bathroom, so why should I?) Anyway- I’m done with the rain, and ready to go back outside.

I always get reminiscent this time of year- after all, I began my new life with Mum and Dad on Christmas Eve 2009. I was just a new mom myself, not long off the streets when Mum talked Dad into leaving his family Christmas for a bit to meet some people dropping me off. Little did they know it would be their longest foster effort EVER! That was the best Christmas a girl could ask for.  Full of warmth and hugs, not to mention the toys and treats they gave me!  Needless to say, Christmas is my favorite time of year.


So, I was in the kitchen last week, helping Mum make her trial batches of cookies for a cookie exchange, and I must say this is one of my favorite holiday rituals. I hang out in the kitchen – with or without the company of the other dogs- just waiting for something to fall to the floor. I’ll let you in on my secret strategy too- stand or lay just behind Mum- that way when she turns around or takes a step back… BOOM!  She trips over me, sending bits of tiny, sugary, Christmas goodness flying to the floor. Surely the reward is worth the yelling and banishment from the kitchen that definitely follows.

Mum was making chocolate cookies this time, and she was particularly careful not to let any of the chocolate fall within my reach. You know, dogs and chocolate- not a good combination. Much to my surprise and delight- there was a second part to this recipe, and it included 2 of my very favorite ingredients: peanut butter and sugar! Dogs love peanut butter- that’s no surprise. I love it so much, that I don’t even mind it sticking to my lips, the roof of my mouth, the floor, my fur, and anything else it touches. What some people don’t know is that sugar is just as much of a magnet to dogs as the peanut butter. Mum must have been in a bit of a hurry because sugar was flying everywhere- not that I minded. At one point, Dad came in and had to brush off my face because I had all sorts of little sugar crystals stuck to me- they sure had a good laugh at that one.  I was trying to save them for late night treat, but Dad didn’t seem to care. Well, even the ridicule was worth what came next…Mum must have been really feeling the holiday spirit because she gave all of us a little bit of that peanut buttery sugary batter. Yummm… I will never forget how good that was. Storing that memory away! I’m pretty sure that was the cookie that Mum decided to make for the cookie party, and I certainly approve! Until next time..

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