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It’s that time again!

November 16, 2011

Want to make a dog’s holiday wish come true? Pup Squad is VERY excited to announce that this year’s dogs in need of Holiday Heroes are now posted on our website! Be a Pup Squad “Holiday Hero” and help one of our long term dogs find a home this holiday season. All you have to do is promote one of our wonderful adults to your network of friends and co-workers so they can be sleeping in their own doggie bed with their new family on Christmas morning.

Here’s the scoop, if anyone out there is new to Pup Squad’s Holiday Heroes:

How are dogs chosen to be eligible for a Holiday Hero?-

-Every year we identify a group of dogs who are in need of a little extra love- they’ve typically been with Pup Squad for awhile and could use some attention and exposure!

We’ve had great results in the past, lots of people excited to help and a result- a lot of these amazing dogs get adopted!

How do I find the list of dogs and sign up?

-This group of dogs is listed on our website and people can email us at, expressing their interest in being a particular dog’s Holiday Hero! As someone signs up to be a Holiday Hero, a smiley face is added to that dog’s picture on the website!

What’s involved in being a Holiday Hero?

-We just ask that you spread the word about the dog of your choosing! Facebook, Twitter, flyers, word of mouth, etc, etc, etc. They sky’s the limit- use your imagination! When you express interest in being a Holiday Hero, someone from Pup Squad will be in touch to give you the run down on that dog! From there, it’s up to you how you get the word out!


Want to meet these dogs in person?

Join us at our Holiday Hero celebration on Sunday, December 4th at our favorite dog park & drinkery- The Boneyard! We’ll be there from 1-4pm with all of our Holiday Heroes dogs and we’d love to see you!


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