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Not so secret garden…

November 7, 2011

As we get ready for the holidays, the house has been a busy, busy place! Lady and I have been making Dad crazy, but when you hear our side of the story, I know that you’ll understand.

So- remember awhile back when Mum and Dad paved over the back yard, ruining my beloved dust bowl/mud pit (depending on the weather, of course). Well, right around that time, Dad made a garden too. I have to say, having this wonderful (and enormous) pile of dirt set out for me to play in totally makes up for the stones covering the rest of my yard.
I haven’t had too much time to play in my garden recently, but since Lady came to stay with us- that’s all that she seems to want to do! It’s been so much fun, I just hate to see the weather cooling off- why can’t it be summer forever?

Well friends, this is where it gets interesting…the other day, Lady and I were playing in the garden when Lady found a secret passage way!! It was just big enough for me and Lady to fit through. It led under the house, and we could just make out a bit of light coming from up ahead. Being the adventure seekers that Lady and I are, we headed straight for that opening, and you’re never going to believe what we found- another passage way! This time, it led to the front yard! lady wasn’t quite sure we should go through this hole, but I knew exactly where to go- the Fiesta!
For those of you who don’t know, the Fiesta is my absolute favorite place to escape to when Mum and Dad aren’t looking!

Well, I hate to tell you, but we didn’t even actually make it as far as the Feista..we only made it down the street when some woman came out of her house with some big red bones! I knew what she was trying to do (catch us!), but I couldn’t resist those treats! Just as Lady and I were discussing what to do about this woman with the treats, Mum came flying up the road and started talking to the woman! Mum parked the truck and did the one thing that no dog can resist, she opened the truck door. Every dog in their right mind knows that means you’re going for a ride!! Who can resist a ride?? Particularly when the windows are rolled down, and I can stick my head out to watch the world go by! I know that this isn’t a particularly sophisticated form of amusement, but even refined dogs like me love a little stereotypical doggy entertainment now and then!

Well, after Lady and I got into the truck, Mum drove us straight home where we were both banished to our crates for the afternon. I have to say- the adventure was totally worth it! Plus, Mum can never stay mad at us for too long.
I am also very sad to report that my secret garden passage way wasn’t so secret after all. Mum called Dad at work as soon as we got back to the house. He came right home, and next thing I knew, Dad was armed with a drill and a huge piece of wood. Needless to say, that was the end of my secret passage way.
On the other hand, I am very happy to say that we’re up to 5 dogs now! I’m pretty sure that every time Mum goes to her Pup Squad meetings, she comes home with another dog or at least the plans to take another dog! Fine by me of course, but I’m not sure that makes Dad so happy. Good news though- even Dad likes the new dog! Her name is Olive Oil because she was found by a Popeye’s! Dad’s already trying to change her name..might I suggest Lola #2?
Olive was picked up by animal control, but no one could catch her puppies. 😦 I just heard that they’ve since been caught and 1 of the 3 has already been rescued! I’ll keep my paws crossed for the other 2! So far, so good- Olive gets along really well with everyone, even fussy Jackie. We’re going through food like crazy cause all of my new friends are skin and bones! Lucky for them, Mum is very generous with the food scooping.  Did you see our recent thank you to Rescue Bank?

Just a quick update on Bonnie before I sign off- she’s doing great! She loves to play outside with me and Lady, and she’s already figured Mum out too- when you get tired of being outside, bark loud enough for long enough so that Mum’s concerned about the neighbors! From there, she’ll let you back inside! I’ve known that little trick for awhile, but Bonnie figured it out all on her own! haha It’s not all fun and games though, Bonnie goes in for her first round of heartworm treatment tomorrow, and it’s quiet time for awhile after that. Don’t you worry though-Bonnie’s so much healthier than when she first got her- she’ll be just fine!

I’ll keep you posted on Bonnie’s progress- she even met someone this past weekend who might want to adopt her!

Think good thoughts for her, and until next time…

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