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Thank You Rescue Bank!

November 3, 2011





Pup Squad would like to take this opportunity to thank Rescue Bank Houston!

As I’m sure many of you know, rescues like Pup Squad operate on tight budgets and really  continue to exist through the generosity of their supporters. Pup Squad is extremely fortunate to have a network of wonderful fosters, but it can be a strain on expenses to provide food for the 1 to many foster pups and dogs. That’s where Rescue Bank comes in!

Rescue Bank is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization committed to supporting the animal rescue and rehabilitation community with much-needed supplies and services.

Operating on the “food bank” model, Rescue Bank is a collection and redistribution point for surplus pet supplies and donations. We are working to relieve area rescue groups and fosters of one of their most difficult tasks- identifying and soliciting donors for the everyday supplies needed to keep their animals healthy.

Rescue Bank Houston via Facebook

Through Rescue Bank’s hard work and generous donations, Pup Squad fosters can provide their foster pups with much needed food and supplies. Please visit Rescue Bank’s facebook page and website to see how you can help! Pup Squad is extremely lucky to be a part of the Rescue Bank Community, and we’d like to say Thank You, Rescue Bank for all that you do!


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