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Not a runner..

October 24, 2011

Helloooo dedicated followers! Happy Monday!

I know you’re all wondering…I didn’t get to go to Barkitecture. 😦 Mum told me that it wasn’t my fault though- they had to work the event and just couldn’t manage having me there too. I suppose that if I were going to be in a crate somewhere, it might as well be at home. No new doghouse in the back yard either. Can’t say that I mind though; there’s enough back there cluttering up my running space as is! Although, there’s always next year!

Not much is new at home- Bonnie is doing really well and Mum thinks that someone might be interested in adopting her! (They should, she’s the best!) Scratching on wood (even though it’s not allowed)… I don’t want to jinx it. Then of course there’s my new best pal, Lady.  I love to play with her so much, I even let her think she’s Alpha, (if you know what I mean…) and between you and me,  I’m the only Alpha around here (except Mum), she’s crazy to think otherwise.  Lady’s finished with her treatments, and now that she’s heartworm free, Mumzie has been talking about getting her adopted-QUICK! I think Dad loves her though, he keeps talking about how sweet and soft she is, and how her one blue eye is just soooo cool. I have to admit, I’m getting a little jealous. Can that one blue eye really compete with my tail though?

Dad gave us all baths this weekend while Mum was out of town- just to show him what I though of the bath- I ran outside and right into the mud! Hahaha I wasn’t done yet either! When he let me back inside- I jumped on the bed, making sure to put a paw print on his pillow! Sometimes I just can’t help myself…maybe I have some residual resentment from not being taken to Yappy Hour. Now, as I sit in my writing crate, Dad’s having to wash the sheets ;), That’ll show him.

It’s almost Halloween and Mum’s got all of the decorations out. She’s had to move a few things because they look extra tasty to me..but all in all I think the house looks good. She and Dad haven’t put any candy out though and isn’t that the whole point of Halloween? They say I can’t be trusted. (I really think it’s Mum and Dad who can’t be trusted though..diets and all. Baaaahahahha)
Speaking of diets- Mum and Dad have been running lately- I guess since the weather has cooled off recently (and they’re getting their winter coats, don’t get me wrong, I sympathize with them, but there’s a point when you have to lay off the bones! sheesh). Much to my surprise, Dad actually pulled out my leash last night! I was sooooooo excited!!…until I realized what he was planning..he was taking me running with him! Mum and Dad have been telling me that I’ve been getting tubby lately- if they think it doesn’t hurt my feelings, they’re wrong. Who in their right mind tells a girl that she’s looking tubby, or chunky, or whatever other adjective?? Grrr.

Anyway, we went outside, and I thought that if I tried to trip him for a few blocks, he’d give up and slow down…not the case, Dad was on a mission. After those few blocks, I was so tired I couldn’t even try to persuade him to stop, all I could do was try to keep up. A few blocks later- I was completely exhausted. I guess that’s the point of a run, but Dad had to carry me back like a baby (that was nice). All I could do was lay on the couch the rest of the night. I certainly hope this isn’t going to become a nightly ritual, my butt is soooorrrre. Even thinking about last night makes me tired…back to the couch.
Until next time..

PS- What do you think of my new picture?? Not quite as dark and ominous as my last picture, but I think you’ll agree that it really shows my best side. Thanks Sonya Sellers Photography!

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