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Volunteer Spotlight – Jennifer King

September 28, 2011

Pup Squad relies on volunteers for….. well, everything.  Without all of these hardworking, dedicated people Pup Squad couldn’t rescue a single puppy, so we’d like to thank them and share their stories with you.  Our volunteers do everything from walking dogs and cleaning puppy pens to hauling food donations and decorating for Christmas. Our volunteers make Pup Squad possible.  Jennifer King is one of these amazing people.

Jennifer is not only a fixture at the Houston Pavilions adoption center and other Pup Squad events around Houston, she has also been a steady foster throughout  2011.

Jennifer first started volunteering with Pup Squad after she adopted Calleigh, one of Pup Squad’s momma dogs.    Unfortunately, Calleigh had endured a very rough life and got sick not long after she was welcomed into Jennifer’s home.  When Jennifer was ready to adopt again she came back to Pup Squad and picked out a puppy named Boots.  Boots is now Cleo and is enjoying all kinds of fun including trips to the dog park where she loves to lounge in the water.

After seeing the foster plea Pup Squad sent out in January, Jennifer said she decided to give fostering a shot.  “It has really been a great experience, and I have helped some great dogs. I know that without enough fosters, we can’t rescue any more dogs. I love being part of that effort,” Jennifer explains.  She has had quite a few fosters and a soft spot for each them, although Darla stands out from crowd. One day the gate was left open, and while Cleo was ready to explore the neighborhood, but Darla wanted no part of it.  It was no surprise when  the very first family who met Darla adopted her.

Outside of the Pup Squad world, Jennifer is an investigator with the State Bar of Texas, volunteers for the DePelchin Children’s Center and tries to squeeze in the occasional movie.

Thanks Jennifer for everything you do!

Think you might want to spend some time helping puppies?


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  1. October 4, 2011 5:34 pm

    Yay! Way to go, Jennifer! Thank you for all your help!

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