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Meadowlake Pet Resort!

September 22, 2011

Have you ever dropped your dogs off at boarding before going on a trip and you actually feel a little bit jealous of them and their fancy, temporary digs?

Well, if you haven’t, then you haven’t been to Meadlowlake Pet Resort!

Rocky and Apple Martini are Pup Squad’s luckiest dogs, living it up at Meadowlake! They get all sorts of personalized attention and play time, and we really couldn’t be more grateful for Meadowlake’s wonderful staff.

Now, about that jealousy, it’s really all about the pool. In addition to having an amazing boarding facility, Meadowlake also has a HUGE pool and DockDogs setup. If you’ve never seen or heard about DockDogs- you’re really missing out. Check out more about DockDogs here!

As an all foster organization, the ideal scenario is all dogs being in foster homes through until their adoption. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible for a number of reasons. We are so lucky to have relationships with fantastic boarding facilities like Meadowlake, so when the need does arise, Pup Squad can be completely comfortable using boarding as a temporary solution. When we pick up Rocky and Apple Martini for weekend adoption events, they’re happy and healthy- and the staff at Meadowlake always seems sad to see them go.

Thank you so much to Meadowlake Pet Resort- we couldn’t continue to work toward our goals without you and your support!

Check our Rocky and Apple Martini‘s online profiles for more info on these cuties! Also, if you’d like to help Pup Squad with their boarding expenses, please click here!

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