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Westheimer Animal Clinic

September 15, 2011

This is a tough story to tell. The details are horrifying, and it’s hard to imagine how people can be so cruel.

This sweet momma dog, Bonnie, has been on the Pup Squad radar for awhile now. A kind lady and her co-workers were making sure that Bonnie was well fed and kept inside when it was too hot or too cold. Even this little bit of compassion was certainly more than her ‘owner’ was showing her.

Bonnie’s had other litters before, so it was no surprise that she had 8, 5 week old puppies in tow.

The ladies who had been looking after Bonnie got a startling surprise this week when sweet Bonnie appeared with an enormous gash on her head and some kind of injury to her back legs, causing her to limp considerably. They knew right away that Bonnie needed emergency care and called Pup Squad.

We’re happy to say that Bonnie and her 8 pups are the newest addition to the Pup Squad family. One of the hardest parts of rescuing dogs is the inability to save them all. There will never be enough fosters to place all of the dogs we’d like to take in, but Pup Squad has some very dedicated fosters who were willing to make room for these pups. They’re being moved into their foster homes today, but Bonnie needs a little bit more time- this is where our ‘Thank You Thursday’ comes in!

Pup Squad has great relationships with a lot of veterinarians and clinics in the greater Houston area, but 1 stands out in a time of need- Westheimer Animal Clinic and Dr. Huddleston. 

Dr. Huddleston has been there for us before (anyone remember Athena?), and he was there for us again! We initially suspected that Bonnie may have a broken leg, but luckily that wasn’t the case!  It’s likely that Bonnie was kicked or hit, causing the injury to her leg, right around the same time that she sustained the awful injury to her head.  The x-rays that Dr. Huddleston ran did uncover one other terrifying detail- Bonnie had been shot. The bullet was lodged in her neck and not causing any trouble, but if nothing else, it shows that Bonnie is a survivor!

Dr. Huddleston has already cleaned and stitched up Bonnie’s head and says that with a few more days of recovery and care at Westheimer Animal Clinic, she should pull through.

Clearly, Dr. Huddleston has a soft spot for animals, and Pup Squad has 100% confidence in the care that our dogs and pups receive while at Westheimer Animal Clinic.  We can’t thank Dr. Huddleston and his staff enough for all of their hard work and compassion in treating not only Bonnie, but all of the other pets they see as well.

Keep checking in with Pup Squad on Facebook for updates on Bonnie and her puppies. Also, if you’d like to donate towards Bonnie veterinary care, please visit our website!

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  1. Shari Flood permalink
    September 16, 2011 12:16 am

    Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart Dr. Huddleston, Staff and PUP SQUAD!!! My Heart has been Hurting so bad for Bonnie…We called her Momma Dog. Momma Dog is missed around work…but I am so Thankful that she now has a Chance to Live a Life she so Deserves! My Heart was Broken when I got to work the other day and found her in this condition…she is Such a Good Momma she was still taking care of her babies even with such a horrific injury! During the EXTREME Cold Snap we had here in Houston…she had had another litter of puppies and one day she brought me 2 Girl puppies…as if she was telling me”Please take care of my Girls the way you look after me”…then she left and did not come back for a few days…a Friend of mind came and Rescued them and kept one and the other one was taken to an Adoption Event and was adopted immediately! When she had this most recent litter she had them in the culvert in front of our office…Why she picked there….because she knew they would be safe and she trusted us. She would even let me pick the pups up and not growl or bark or anything! Then we showed up to work on Monday and all the puppies were gone…I found out the Horrible Man had taken them to his property….he sold the other litters for $250.00 each…so you see…all she was is His little Money Maker….He would not feed her, give her water or shelter…If I could PROVE he is the One that did this to her…believe me I would file charges on him. But unfortunately, the Law says you have to have PROOF. So Instead….I took her off the Streets…and lets just say…her pups followed 🙂 Bonnie is such a Sweet Girl…she loves to be around people and is always looking for someone to care and pet her. She has never showed any signs of Aggression either. Okay…I’m off my Soap Box….Thank YOU AGAIN FOR GIVING BONNIE A NEW LEASE ON LIFE You are ALL TRULY ANGELS!!!

  2. September 30, 2011 4:53 am

    so sad, the poor thing. at least now she’s being taken care of and her and her pups are safe and sound. thank you so much for saving her. she is one lucky dog for sure to have picked the right place and the right group of people to look after her before all this happened. she will make one family very happy!

  3. John Jones permalink
    December 28, 2011 3:02 am

    My parents adopted one of the female puppies. She is doing great so far in their home. Very energetic at times, but docile and good natured all the time. Thank you Pup Squad for coming to their rescue when needed.

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