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Back in the game!

September 12, 2011

I don’t know about you, but it feels like it’s been FOREVER since I wrote last! Not to point fingers (or paws) here, but I’m blaming this completely on Mum and Dad. They’ve been taking what they call ‘a much needed break’..whatever that is. You know who hasn’t been taking a break?? The poor Momma’s and pups out there on the Houston streets, and it’s a good thing all Pup Squad fosters aren’t as lazy at these two!

During this break, I’ve been left without any friends, bored at home. I know, I know, I have Jackie, but let’s be serious about one thing- that dog is boooring . No other way to say it! She doesn’t ever chase me, even when I’m squeaking the new blue Wubba that Mum and Dad bought me to get me out of my fosterless funk. She’ll run circles around the front yard from time to time, but as I’m sure you all know- I’m not allowed in the front yard. (…something about leading a group of fosters on a little adventure out the front door and over to visit the patrons of the grocery store across the busy street…) You all get where I’m going with this…I need a new foster friend…and fast!!

Last I left you, we were up to 5 adult dogs in the house, and we weren’t quite sure how that was going to pan out. Judging by the aforementioned break, you’re free to surmise that it didn’t go particularly well. With a little bit of doggy juggling and a lot of luck, the last of those 3 fosters is actually getting adopted this weekend, and we’re back to a clean slate!

We’ll get our newest addition this weekend, Lady.

As a side note- can’t these humans be a little more creative? I’m pretty sure we’ve seen a Lady or 2 around here before.. and why isn’t there ever another Lola??? It’s opened so many doors for me, so it must be a special name.

The newest Lady needs to go through heartworm treatment and that seems to be our house specialty- Mum and Dad are the best the best after all. Unfortunately for me, this means that I won’t be able to play with Lady right away, but after awhile, she’ll be better than ever and ready to run!

As I mentioned earlier, things have been pretty tame around the house lately, so here’s a little a aside to hold you over until the real fun starts back up!

To make up for depriving my of all the fostering fun, Mum and Dad took me to this new dog park a couple weeks ago, The Boneyard. So many dogs, so many people- it was fantastic! This place even has something called ‘beer’ for Mum and Dad, I don’t know what it is, but if this drink means that I get to go for a ride, then I’m all for it!  Some of these people aren’t paying attention, so I tried to get onto their tables and try a sip, but I’ve never seen Mum run so fast. Oh well, I’ll try again next time!
I don’t make it to the dog park very often as I’m a bit of a dog park trouble maker (if you didn’t know that already). Aside from my beer curiosity, if there’s any sign of a scuffle- I’m in! Mum and Dad think the worst and immediately assume that I have less than good intentions, but that’s just not the case! I do a pretty good job of keeping things under control at home, so why not use those policing skills at the dog park too? Anyway, it seems like a pretty great place, so maybe I’ll try to be on my best behavior next time around and encourage Mum and Dad that I can go and not terrify the other park goers with the blur of my sparkly teeth and fluffy tail as I run past. HA HA HA!  Until next time my fluffy and faithful followers…

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  1. September 12, 2011 7:28 pm

    Lady always looks forward to her former roomies adventures. Lady said to tell you all that she is doing so very well and spoiled rotten. Her mum and dad went on a 3 week vacation and had to board me. When their daughter came back from her vacation, she picked me up and I had allot of friends to come along, ticks. Needless to say, Katy didn’t have fun freeing the house for ticks before mum and dad arrived and then there was the man who was sure I belonged to him and well, Katy called the Constable since the man wanted to gain entrance and nab me. Turned out, he had lost his dog Daisy who was black and white and someone told him that Katy picked up their dog. I don’t think mum and dad wanted to return from vacation after hearing about all of the excitement at home. Thinks are back to normal and I am safely enscounced on mum’s lap. Hugs to the bunch at home “roomie”

    • September 15, 2011 3:19 pm

      Wow! Sounds like Lady is sure having some adventures of her own!! Glad to hear that she’s safe and sound and where she belongs- in her Mum’s lap, surely loving the attention! 🙂

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