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Thank You Thursday Revival!

September 8, 2011

Pup Squad’s getting back into the blogging groove and what better way than with a Thank You Thursday post?

It’s been a long, hot summer in Texas, and just when the weather seems to be breaking, Houston’s neighbors are struggling with out of control wildfires. Evacuation of these areas has put quite a strain on rescue organizations- particularly those like Dakota Rescue whose 2nd Chance Ranch was right in the fire’s path.

Word quickly got out that Dakota Rescue and the 90 foster dogs at the ranch needed help, and the rescue community sprung into action. Before too long, all fosters had been moved to safe locations, and we were all breathing a collective sigh of relief!

Thank you so much to our wonderful friends and supporters who willing to spread the news, drive out to help, and open their homes to temporary fosters!

Sometimes even Rescues need rescuing, and you were there to help in a big way!

We’re thinking good thoughts for the people and animals who have been displaced as a result of these fires, and hopefully, everyone will be able to safely return to their homes very soon!

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