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Carsten at Camp

June 28, 2011

Carsten’s time at Meadowlake is coming to an end, but we’re hoping his chances of finding a home of his own are just beginning. After almost a month of intensive traning, Carsten is an adopter’s dream!

Well, almost.  Just like any pooch, he’s not perfect, but his trainer, Tori, says he is making great strides in obedience and knows lots of commands. More importantly, Carsten is surrounded by doggy neighbors at Meadowlake and isn’t bothered by them at all. He’s still not sure about strange dogs coming right up to him but that’s to be expected isn’t it? Didn’t your mom tell you not to talk to strangers? What Carsten needs now is a lucky adopter to snap him up. If you act quickly, you can even go down to Meadowlake to meet him and his wonderful trainer can show you all the great stuff he’s learned.  After more than a year with Pup Squad, Carsten’s just plain tired of sharing attention with all the other dogs in his foster home and feels like it’s surely his turn to have a person all to himself. Could that be you?

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