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New Leash On Life

May 31, 2011

Carsten (M)

Carsten is about to start a big adventure thanks to the wonderful folks at Meadowlake Pet Resort and their New Leash on Life program. 

Carsten is a great dog, who has been with Pup Squad for over a year.  We’ve told Carsten’s story here before; he’s one of the car puppies. You can see Carsten as a four week old puppy peeking out of a hole in the wall in “Not A Dog House“.

There are a lot of reasons why Carsten hasn’t found his forever home, yet.   First, his original foster lived quite a ways from Pup Squad’s adoption events so he didn’t get come very often when he was little.  Secondly, when he was at events he was competing not only with all the other pups and dogs, but also with nine siblings. And, sadly, for some reason, black dogs are frequently overlooked.

When his first foster-family couldn’t keep Carsten and his sister, Lizzie, any longer, Carsten got lucky and got to stay with Lola’s  family where he made lots of new friends and had lots of fun.  Things were a little full at Lola’s house, though, and after a little while Carsten moved on to his current foster and quickly made friends with their three big dogs, three cats and a litter of puppies.  

Friendly and fun-loving, Carsten got along very well with his new fosters’ dogs, but unfortunately, for some reason, Carsten started acting up when he was around other dogs. Fortunately for Carsten, his foster has a lot of experience training dogs and worked with  him patiently.  Despite countless hours spent and a lot of progress, he still doesn’t really enjoy adoption events.  So, when we found the Meadowlake program, we jumped at the opportunity.

Carsten is a fabulous boy.  He loves people, gets along with dogs (and cats) he knows and deserves the best possible chance to find his forever home.  This week he will start a month-long program with the trainers at Meadowlake Pet Resort and hopefully, this  will give him the boost he needs to find his family.  In the meantime, he’s going to be in doggy heaven. Meadowlakes’ facilities are amazing and include a Dock Dog pool.  Lucky Carsten.

You can follow Carsten on his journey right here, on Facebook  and follow us on twitter.  If you’re interested in learning more about Carsten or want to meet him, please email

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