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Revolving Doors and Relocated Shoes

March 23, 2011

Well it’s that time again!! I’m back with some exciting news this week-I could hardly believe it, but both Lady AND Molly got adopted- in the same weekend!!

Mum says that Lady hit the forever home jackpot! She’s been checking in with Lady’s new mom on something called ‘Facebook’ and it sounds like this adoption might just stick! Hopefully Mum will take some hints from Lady’s new mom- apparently they leave hot dogs on the counter *just* close enough for Lady to grab…I wonder if these people want to adopt me too…I taught Lady everything I know in the counter surfing department.

Anyway- like I said- it’s a whole new house! It’s been so nice and quiet this past couple of weeks. Georgia’s still here- just went in for her second round of heartworm treatment. It’s down hill from there- just another couple of weeks and Georgia will be heartworm free! We all know what that means..Georgia’s ready for adoption! I’ve really grown to like that crazy black dog- she keeps to herself most of the time, and she gets into just enough trouble that Dad’s focused on scolding her instead of me. I’ve gotta hand it to Georgia though- she’s quick and she’s got good taste in shoes. (Taste..get it?) As long as Mum and Dad leave the closet doors open, that Georgia is in and out with a shoe before they ever notice. Dad lets her stay because she doesn’t actually eat the shoe- just ‘relocates’ it and usually to the same spot- the corner of the couch. HA!

Mum and Dad have been putting a lot of work into my yard lately. In fact, I wasn’t allowed back there almost at all last week. There was a big group of men back there all day, everyday and when I was finally allowed to see what they were doing- ALL OF MY DIRT WAS GONE!! It’s a travesty, I tell you! I mean, I get it- when it rained my dirt turned into nasty mud and with all of this fuzz- fuzzy tail, fuzzy paws- it was hard to want to go out there and get all dirty and wet. But my that’s a different story entirely. I LOVE my dirt- I love to lay in the dirt when the sun is out, I love to run around in the dirt, I even love to eat the dirt! I love- excuse me- loved everything about my dirt, and now it’s gone. At least there some consolation- my very favorite dirt- the garden dirt- is still there and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, anytime soon. My favorite potty spot actually- a nice big patch of oregano. Mum calls it ‘poo oregano’ and I guess they didn’t appreciate my efforts because they refused to use it. But watch out if Mum and Dad ever invite you over for spaghetti..

The whole yard is stone now- what’s a girl to do??

Don’t worry- I have my ways of showing Mum and Dad my discontent with these recent changes..haha. They also got new rugs for the living room and family room…we had been without for awhile and Mum’s been driving Dad crazy with the search for a new rug. So get this..last night..Mum had re-filled all of the water bowls a couple of times…I convinced Jackie to drink as much as she could (she’s pretty gullible)…and right before bedtime…Jackie must have had to go! And where did she have her ‘accident’, you ask? Well right on the new rug, of course! HAHAHAHA! I know, I know..making messes on the new rugs won’t bring my dirt back, but it did make me feel a little better- can you blame me?

Anyway, word in the back yard is that Mum’s planning on bringing 2 new dogs home tonight. Sad stories as always- one was adopted as a puppy and returned more than a year later!! The other is even worse- she’s a momma and had her litter during our recent cold snap. She tried her best to keep them warm- she actually went as far as to have those puppies on a bench so they wouldn’t be on the frozen ground. All but 1 of those puppies made it and they sure are cute. All in all, I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. We’ll be back up to 5 adults and that’s rarely a good thing. I guess I’ll have to let you know how this turns out in a couple of weeks! How’s that for a cliffhanger?


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