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Hard Luck Momma

March 22, 2011
I am known as Momma Dog by my current foster family with whom I have lived with since Christmas Eve. I was rescued from the place I had been hiding out in for a few years, underneath a trailer home in the countryside. Although I was not allowed in the house and no one ever pet me or included me in their lives, they did occasionally feed me and that was enough for me to remain loyal to them. Unfortunately, being a street dog is very hard. I had countless number of litters and because I had very poor nutrition, all of my front teeth fell out. I was weak and hungry but I did my best with every litter of puppies that came along. I am a devoted mother and that is why my foster family calls me Momma Dog. A lot of my puppies grew up and stayed near my trailer and we formed a pack of semi feral dogs. Last year, on the day before Christmas, a strange lady came to the country. It was very cold and windy and I was struggling to keep my few week old litter of seven warm in a paper box that I dragged under the trailer. I watched and allowed her to move my puppies into her car and she finally asked me to come. I was terrified but too weak to struggle. She tried to catch some of my older puppies but they were too frightened and fast. At first, I was very nervous about my new surroundings. I was allowed to stay inside the house and I was not used to it. I preferred being outside. I ran away when they called me and allowed myself to be petted when I was being fed, which to my surprise was everyday! At the vets office, I was determined to be high heartworm positive which made my new mom cry. After a series of very painful and isolated months, I am now heartworm free! I also had mange that made me itch but that too has gone away.
I am a shy, quiet dog. It takes months for me to be truly at ease. Men make me nervous at first but after a while I warm up to them. I am an older dog, the vet says maybe 5. I am looking for a family to belong to and share with. I want to trust that I will be fed and not abandoned. I need someone to give me flea and tick preventative, heartworm preventative but most importantly, I need someone to look me in my eyes and give me love and acceptance. In turn I promise to love you, guard you and obey you all the days of my life. I will sneak up on you and kiss you gently. I will run to the door every time you come home. I will lie as close to you as you will allow me. I will follow you wherever you go. I will not chew anything, I will not have accidents in your house, and I am not a barker. They call me Momma Dog but I just want to be someones baby.  
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