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Everybody’s Sweetheart

March 8, 2011

Athena is exactly the kind of momma that makes March Momma Madness special. This sweet girl has a wonderful disposition despite her sad story.

Athena was very pregnant and living on the streets during this year’s incredibly cold winter. Remaining perched on a chair was the only thing this smart momma could do to protect her pups as they were being born. Athena did her very best to keep her pups from falling on to the extremely cold ground, but despite her best efforts, 1 of her pups fell to the ground and froze to death.

The rest of her litter was rescued and they’re now warm and safe in a foster home. Athena is also safe and sound in a foster home and she’ll never have to wonder where she’ll spend the cold winter months again.

In spite of her troubling times, Athena is the sweetest, most loving dog in her foster home. She is perfectly behaved and that’s not an exaggeration! She’s crate trained- learning to go in on command- for now it takes some coaxing and a tasty treat!  She’s completely housebroken, doesn’t chew, doesn’t jump, and stays pretty quiet.

Athena’s favorite spot: your lap. This sweet girl is making up for lost time in the affection department, so she wants nothing more than to be by your side.

She loves to lay outside in the sun with her doggy friends and there’s not an aggressive bone in this dog’s body.

We just know that anyone who gives this amazing momma a chance will fall in love with her. She’s taken such good care of her pups, but now it’s her turn to be taken care of. She’d be an amazing addition to any family, so check out her bio  and email Pup Squad for more information!

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