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It’s A Little Crowded Around Here

February 14, 2011

LolaWell hello again, and welcome back.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks here at the big house. Another day, another dog…at least that’s how it feels lately!

So here I sit, on Mum’s (read:my) fluffy blanket in Dad’s (read:my) big leather recliner, looking over a herd of four-legged friends.  Lady had been on a home visit for a week or so, but I guess she didn’t like them too much because she came back yesterday. What can I say? The girl’s a little timid she really just needs someone to give her a chance. Well, while Lady was gone, Mum and Dad got a little excited and took another dog out of boarding. I tried to warn them…it was a BAD idea. Counting your chickens before they hatch and all…mmmm chicken- I do love chicken! Is anyone else hungry or is it just me?  

Anyway- they took in this new dog, Georgia, and she had only been here a couple of days before we got the news that Lady was coming back. Now we’re a family of 5 and the house is getting a little bit crowded for my taste. To make matters worse..Georgia can be a little bit edgy. She seems to have finally warmed up to us (me, Molly, and Jackie), but now that Lady’s back..trouble’s brewing! Mum and Dad seem to be keeping a close eye on things, but I’m guessing that I’ll have to pick up the slack when they’re not around. And how am I going to do that, you ask.. well, my fluffy tail is connected to a nice big booty! And you know what that booty is good for?? Boxing out dogs!  I bump all kinds of dogs out of my way- people too, if the need arises.  It comes in handy for commotion at the water bowl, Wubba playtime, and most importantly, when dogs get feisty! HA!

I’ll give Georgia the benefit of the doubt though- I overheard Mum and Dad talking and Georgia’s gotta make the long drive to Long Drive Dog & Cat Hospital this week- heartworm treatment #1. *shudder* I went through heartworm treatment myself not too long ago and I’ll tell ya- it is NO fun. First of all, you’ve got to stay over night at the vet, getting a series of painful shots, but that’s not even the worst of it! They shaved into my beautiful coat AND said that I had to stay calm…for at least a month! AHHH! A dog’s bound to go stir crazy! What about barking at the mailman?? What about running the squirrels out of my yard?? What about slipping out of the front door when Dad’s not looking and making the carefree run over to the bus stop right outside of the Fiesta to sniff (scare) the people loading up groceries?! (HAHA- side note: so many people are afraid of bullies, but we’re such a loveable breed! While it’s tempting- I rarely even consider snatching the better looking food right out of the that would be rude- and I may be a lot of things- but I’m definitely not rude) think of all of the things Georgia’s going to miss out on while she’s being sequestered in her crate. And all of this horror could be avoided by responsible owners giving us a yummy preventative treat once a month. (tastes like chicken…have I mentioned my love for chicken?) Poor girl. We’ve seen a lot of heartworm treatment in this house, so Mum knows what to do, but I’ll do my best to keep Georgia comfortable too, it’s going to be a long month!

Aside from all of the big dog issues, I really thought I was in for a world of hurt the other day…Lightening came back. I was banished to the back yard with the rest of the girls and all I could do was bark and scratch at the door to tell Mum and Dad not to let that pup back in! 5 is bad, but 6- no way! Lucky for us, he just came over to get a round of puppy shots. Then he was back out the door again and I let out a giant sigh of relief. That pup is getting BIG …the bigger he gets, the more likely that he could reach my hiding spots (ie. the bed).

Well, there’s another round of adoption events this weekend and I can only hope that Molly and Lady find their forever homes. It’s shaping up to be a busy year…if Mum and Dad thought Chula was a lot to handle…they’re really in for it now!

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  1. February 15, 2011 2:55 pm

    Tell Lola to relax, Lady has found her furever home and she is here to stay. We are loving her so much. She is absolutely in doggie heaven. Both of us are retired and she has free roam all day long. Seems to be settling in very nicely. We love her. Lady is now an only child and spoiled rotten. Lady said to tell Lola, “I have a very comfy cushy bed, good food, and a huge yard that I don’t have to share. Plus, lots of toys to keep me entertained and the most amazing peanut butter doggie treats.

    Thanks to my foster mommy for introducing me to the Garza’s. They were as happy to keep me as I was to stay.”

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