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Momma’s Turn.

February 1, 2011

Got a tissue nearby? This sweet girl sure has had a rough start to her young life. Frances was rescued from a small animal shelter where she had been dumped, very pregnant. By ‘very pregnant’ we mean that she had 11(!!!) pups about one hour after she was abandomed.

Frances was such a good momma to her pups, she did not want to leave them or stop nursing…even when she was just skin and bones herself. This sweet momma dog has a wonderfully gentle demeanor. She is great with kids and other dogs. She sure wouldn’t mind getting 100% of your attention as an ‘only-dog’ though- she needs to make up for lost time in the attention and love department! She lived most of her previous life outdoors, but now that she has a taste for living in a house, she would definitely not be happy outside all the time. Can you blame her? She just LOVES hanging out in the house on her dog bed. I suppose living her life out in the elements, sleeping on the cold, hard ground- she’s ready to be a little pampered! She walks well on a leash.  Really, Frances is a fun, fantastic girl who is ready for a great new start to life!

Just look at that sweet picture- how can you say no to those eyes?

Email Pup Squad today to find out more info on Frances!


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