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Struck by Lightning

January 27, 2011

LolaI’m writing this week from inside of my temporary prison- my crate. Granted, I will say that my big, fleecy blanket makes things nice and cozy. Everyone else must agree too- they keep creeping in there when I’m not looking! Truth be told, I’d rather be free to return to my very favorite spot- Mum’s pillow. HA!


It’s been an exciting couple of weeks- like I mentioned last time, Mum and Dad brought Lightening  and Lady home, but thankfully, Lightening wasn’t around too long. Everyone who came over to visit kept saying ‘he’s soooo cute’ and I guess someone from the outside agreed and adopted the little demon. I’m just glad that I don’t have to keep retreating to higher ground for fear of my tail being gnawed on!


Anyway- we weren’t down to 3 dogs for long- a dog named Molly was a quick addition. I like Molly- she’s a fat, little dog, so that means she doesn’t jump much- most of my favorite spots require a jump, so this means that there’s 1 fewer who’s likely to stage a takeover. So, now it’s me, Jackie, Molly and Lady. I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that Jackie’s here to stay- sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s in it for the long haul and who just hasn’t gotten adopted after awhile. I think Jackie had the right idea though- act timid, maybe pull out all of the stops and pee on the floor pretending it’s out of fear when someone approaches you. This way, Mum is 100% guaranteed to tell people that they just don’t understand what you’ve been through and she’ll not only keep you herself, but she’ll give you full run of the house AND buy you a cushy bed and bones too boot! Smart dog that Jackie. Lady and Molly are old friends from a previous foster home, so they were happy to be back together.

I do feel badly for them though- Lady’s met a few families now, and in the end, no one has decided to give her a chance. Sure, she’s as happy as the rest of us to find an errant sock and ‘relocate’ it, but that shouldn’t be enough of a reason not to adopt her, right? Although, Lady’s better off than Molly- no one even seems to be interested in her, poor, tubby little thing. I really don’t understand how that could be- she just got fancy new pictures taken and I keep hearing Mum and Dad say how good she is. I don’t pretend to understand how the crazy human brain works. Hopefully, their perfect families will come along soon.

Anyway, I bet you’re wondering why I’m stuck in my crate. Well, after a long week, Mum’s got a full weekend, and today she’s taking


 Lady, Molly, and some puppies to an event. I hardly think it’s fair that I’m stuck here, but I’m not sure that I would want to make the trip either. I overheard Mum saying that it’s going to be a bunch of kids learning about Pup Squad. I’m not really a fan of kids. Let’s just put it this way- I’m a girl who likes her personal space. I’m certainly not –and I don’t know who is- a fan of ear and tail pulling and human slobber. I only have limited patience for hugs, much to Mum’s disappointment, but can you blame me?? Sometimes I’ll reward her with a big, slobbery kiss, but let’s be serious- that depends on if she gives me the good treats in the morning.

Oh! I skipped the most exciting part of the weekend! We were dog-sitting this weekend. Mum brought him home on Friday before she and Dad left to go out for dinner. I’m not sure what’s so special about this new dog, but he got the leash and the front yard when it was time to go out. They also gave him his own room up front… he must be royalty or something!  Anyhow-Lady, Molly, and I were in the backyard while Jackie and this new dog, Niko, were out in the front yard. Let me just preface this next part by saying that our neighbor dog, is the WORST DOG EVER! Pardon the term, but he barks ‘cat-calls’ from his side of the fence every time he hears us come outside. Don’t get me wrong, I know that I’m exceptionally attractive, but geez- this has been going on for a long time now! The dirty dog needed to learn his lesson and start treating us ladies with the respect that we clearly deserve!

Sooo…I started to let him have it and that’s when Dad came running. He doesn’t like to hear the commotion, so he must have lost hold of Niko’s leash during the brouhaha. Next thing I know, I’m back in my crate and Mum and Dad run out to the truck and take off. They weren’t gone long, but they looked really upset when they left and really relieved when they got back. Whew! From what I overheard, Niko saw his opportunity and just took off! Niko left Dad in his dust- I will say that Dad’s been sick with a cold and he had his fancy boots on (he’s not a fast runner even in the proper shoes…don’t ask how I know, let’s just say I’m always up for a little game of tag and I too like to roam off leash when I get the chance- translation: when someone unsuspecting leaves the front door open a little too wide!). Niko ran clear across the neighborhood before someone driving by picked him up and returned him to Mum and Dad.

Dad’s since been relieved of his dog-sitting duties and now only Mum takes Niko outside.

Anyway, I suppose that I’ve gone on for long enough now. The whole family might be going to visit Chula at her new home next weekend, so I’m going to be on my very best behavior between this week. I can’t wait to see Chula and I really can’t give Mum and Dad any reason to stick me back in this crate, missing out on all of the fun!

Until next time…


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