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A Puppy’s Plea

January 20, 2011

Hi, my name is Ben and I’m a Pup Squad pup. 

This is my mom and dad, Ozzie and Harriet. 

Dad’s the one in the front; mom’s a little shy. We all lived under that house in the background.  Mom and Dad worked really hard to take care of me and my brother but it was hard, even with the help of the really nice student who lived in the house.  The Pup Squad people came, took us to a foster home, got us cleaned up, healthy and found us forever homes.  But, mom and dad are still living under the house.

 Mom and Dad have always lived on their own, so they’re a little afraid of people, so Pup Squad’s regular program for moms (and dads) won’t work.  But, they found a wonderful, safe place for them to go.  It’s called Smiling Dogs Farm and it’s a very special place where they can live safely for the rest of their lives.

The nice people at Smiling Dogs are going to build mom and dad a special “townhouse” so they can stay together.  It will be much better than under the house.  They’ll get plenty of food and water and be safe.  They also won’t have any more puppies.   

 This is what mom and dad’s new digs will look like only there will be big puffy beds, too. 

But, building houses costs money, so we’re trying to raise enough to build mom and dad’s new house.  Can you help?  Even a little would be awesome. 



 If you’d like to donate to help build Ozzie and Harriet’s new house, it’s very easy, just click on the link:

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