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Shy Guy Looking For A Special Friend

April 5, 2010


 Alfie has a message for all of our readers:

“Dear Readers, Why doesn’t anyone want to adopt me?

I’ve lived in my foster home for almost a year.  My foster mom is really nice, but it’s just not the same as having a home of my own. You know?     Here are some of my good qualities!    I’m not too big, only 35 lbs. full-grown.   I am very loyal and obedient.   I listen when my foster mom tells me not to do something.  Oh, did mention I like treats?  Well, I do especially those chicken strips and rawhide bones.    I like playtime with other dogs, but then I really like to go in my crate  for quiet time.  In fact, when I’m ready I’ll just go stand in front of my crate until my foster mom comes over to open the door.   I also like long walks on the beach (well, I know we don’t really have a beach here so a sidewalk will do.)    I guess what I am saying is a like to go on walks!    I guess the problem has been I am really shy.  It takes me some time to trust you.  But i have come SUCH a long way.    Does your dog need a friend to hang out with?   Are you looking for someone to keep you company who won’t jump all over you all the time?  Then I’m your guy.   I hope someone will give me a chance!”

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