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Two Very Small Words…A Rescue Update

April 1, 2010

Thank you just doesn’t do it.

This week has been one heck of a ride.  Sunday afternoon I went to check on reports of two mommas and a dozen puppies living in a junked car behind an abandoned house.  Monday night Pup Squad sent out a plea for help.  Tuesday morning you responded.

By Tuesday night we had one momma and ten puppies safe and sound and by Wednesday at noon we had the second momma, too.  Victory.  This would not have been possible if not for the tireless work of a lot of people.

To Sal, who first alerted Pup Squad to the plight of these dogs, THANK YOU. To everyone who spread the word, forwarding emails, tweeting, posting on Facebook, etc,  THANK YOU.  To Kim who went with me to check on the pups, went back the next night to help me move them and deliver them to their temporary foster homes.  And then went back again to find the second momma, THANK YOU. To Bonnie who went with Kim at lunch to look for the second momma, THANK YOU.  To Rhonda and Lispah (and their families) who immediately stepped up and opened their homes to this family while we sorted out long-term arrangements for ten puppies and two mommas, THANK YOU.

To all the very special people who have offered to foster the puppies and the mommas until they find their forever homes THANK YOU.

And to all of Pup Squad’s wonderful volunteers, fosters and donors, who day-in and day-out, offer their time, treasure and talent to make each and every rescue possible, THANK YOU.

Check back at Pup Squad Tales for updates about the Riverside Rescue.

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