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Not A Dog House

March 30, 2010

This is not a dog house.  Or at least it shouldn’t be.


Yet, these courageous mommas have made it a home for themselves and their 12 puppies.   

As you can see, these young mommas have worked really hard to take care of their babies and are skin and bones themselves.  

Fortunately, a kind man discovered them and alerted Pup Squad.  Unfortunately, we have been inundated with litters recently and all our foster families are full; there is no room at the inn.

That’s where you come in.

We need your help.

These two mommas have done a great job taking care of their puppies and they are typical, roly-poly little cuties.  Now Pup Squad would like to take care of the whole family.


We estimate the puppies are about four weeks old, so they are old enough to be separated from their mommas.   The mommas are already starting to wean them and the puppies are eating solid food. 

We are desperately seeking foster families who would be willing to foster a couple of puppies or a momma so we can move them out of this potentially dangerous situation as soon as possible.  (We highly recommend fostering puppies in (at least) pairs; two puppies are much easier than one puppy!) 

Pup Squad will handle the veterinary care and we have a great team of foster coordinators who are ready to lend a helping hand.  The puppies will be ready to go to adoption events after they’ve had two rounds of shots, typically at eight weeks old.  In addition to our weekend adoptions events around Houston, we also list our pups on PetFinder.

If you are interested in helping these puppies, please contact Kristy Bell at or Judy Jozwiak at

For more information on Pup Squad, please visit


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