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Friends of BARC

March 25, 2010

 Friends of BARC  are also great friends to Pup Squad.

I’m not sure there is any rescue work tougher than working directly with a city pound, especially in a large city like Houston.  The wonderful people at Friends of BARC (FOB) do amazing working in the trenches helping the abandoned and abused animals that end up in Houston’s city shelter.

In addition to all their work with Houston’s Bureau of Animal Rescue and Care they are also big supporters of Pup Squad.  They do so much for us and here are a few of the highlights, they fund a medical grant that provides us $1,000 a month for medications and vaccines, provide consistent donations of dog and puppy food, have hooked us up with a great connection for our printing needs and last but definitely not least, they always turn out for every Pup Squad event.  You can help us return the favor and come out for FOB’s Mutts, Meows & Margaritas at Cadillac Bar on Saturday, April 24.  For more information visit

THANK YOU isn’t really big enough for everything they do for Pup Squad and all the animals in Houston.

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