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March 9, 2010



Beautiful Mercy was spotted living out on the streets.  We could tell from the pictures she had recently had puppies.  We could also tell she had a tightly embedded collar and needed rescue asap, as the life was being choked out of her every day.  Luckily, we were able to get her just in time.   After rushing her to the vet, we learned  not only did she have an embedded collar, but there was a flea collar embedded underneath that one.   The vet said she was literally days away from having it snap her trachea.  Luckily she is recovering beautifully in her new foster home.   Mercy has lots of reasons not to trust people but she does.  She loves people and really just wants to be with you and get lots of love and attention.   She’s fine with kids but really does best in a home environment that’s not too busy and hurried.   She prefers to be indoors and, with the scar tissue around her neck, will never be a good running companion.  But she’s the perfect house dog, as she’s already house trained and not a big chewer.  If you can give Mercy the special new home she deserves, email Pup Squad today at

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