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March 4, 2010
 Hi, I’m Trevor.


I have eight brothers and one sister and this is our Momma, Lucy.


Before we were born she had it pretty rough, living on the streets with no food and no warm blankets to sleep on. Lucky for us she was taken in by a kind lady just before we were born. From when we were newborn to when we were six weeks old she took really good care of us. She managed to keep all ten of us in milk the whole time and she never once complained. Amazing. Now she is in her new foster home and we hear she’s doing great. She’s much smarter than we are since she’s already housebroken and is very good at learning commands. She knows “sit” and “off” and can walk really well on a leash. Also she loves everyone just like we do. She’s good with kids and other dogs and she will do pretty much anything for a treat. Yum. We know she’s probably missing us and would love to be in a home with another dog, but she would be okay on her own too so long as she gets lots of love.

We want to make sure our mom goes to a great home since we wouldn’t be here without her help. Can you please tell everyone you know how great she is so she can find her forever family? Thanks!

For more information about Lucy you can visit her profile.

For more information or to join in the fun, please visit our website

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